We understand that your custom acrylic products need to have vibrant designs to display or advertise your products. Wetop offer flexible OEM & ODM services which allow you to customize the product shape, color, packaging and add electronic parts or combine with other materials.

100% Customizable Acrylic Products

different shapes of acrylic products
different colors of acrylic products


electronic parts acrylic
acrylic products with electronic parts
acrylic products with electronic parts

Electronic Parts

electronic parts acrylic
electronic parts acrylic
electronic parts acrylic

Combinate Material



Bountiful Techniques to Serve Your Needs

engraving machine


Laser cutting machines and CNC engraving & milling machines allow us to do different kinds of engravings on our acrylic products. Different engravings include: embossing, flat carving and openwork carving.

Engraving relies on experience. Our speciallists with more than 4 years experience promise accurate dimensions at every turn.

Product effect

flat carving acrylic

Flat Carving

openwork carving acrylic displays

Openwork Carving


Your logo, your design on any acrylic products you order! Whether your company name, logo, or tagline is a simple 1-color imprint or a flurry of colors, our professional printing team can surely advise you on which printing technique suits your project best and make your custom acrylic products look professional!

silk print on acrylic signs

Silk Print

uv print on acrylic signs

UV Print

outer print on acrylic signs

Artwork Sticker

worker using heat bending in acrylic

Heat Bending

Who doesn't love a photo frame or display with an attractive curve? We are able to shape different curves for your specific project using heat bending machines.

When we utilize heat bending technique for an acrylic plate, we should pay great attention to temperature and bend angle to prevent any possibilities of breaking and scratching.


At Wetop, three polishing methods are deployed to make the finest acrylic products. Cloth polishing offers the best surface outlook, however it requires high-level of expertise and sophistication from the craft man. Flame polishing is a more efficient way for surface polishing, it does not do much detail but it complements cloth polishing because it can deal with smaller fractions. Diamond polishing is the fastest and simplest way to polish acrylic edges from cutting. We mix different polishing techniques on our products to achieve the best product quality and efficiency.

cloth polishing wheel at work

Cloth polishing wheel

flame polishing on acrylic products

Flame Polishing

diamond-edge polishing acrylic

Diamond-Edge Polishing Machines