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Custom Acrylic Holders of Wetop Quality

Acrylic holders are perfect for getting organized, They include sign holders, business card holders, document holders, acrylic brochure holders and more. Their see-through, acrylic designs make any desk space feel more open and allow us to show the creative and colorful stuff stashed inside.

A delicate, highly transparent acrylic holder requires high-quality acrylic sheet in the first place. Wetop purchases A class acrylic materials for every single project, ensuring that your products are elegant and durable.

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Premium Material

In order to provide a highly transparent acrylic holder, all of our acrylic sheets are purchased from reliable suppliers.

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Fully Customizable

You want to customize a unique shape for your holders? Use a different color? Add another material? Contact us to make it happen!

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Rich Experience

Wetop does not only offer manufacturing service, we also make suggestions with our rich experience, to help you reduce costs and improve product functions.


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A-Class Acrylic Material

We are proud to cooperate with various reliable suppliers of Lucite Acrylic. These acrylic sheets contains 100% PMMA, which means it's more transparent and durable.

Having established excellent relationship with all our suppliers, we are able to offer our clients competitive and stable prices.