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1 1. Will I be able to see a prototype before placing my order?
Yes, of course! Before any custom display order proceeds into production, we require that you see and approve of the display.
2 2. I need this display quick! How long will it take for this custom job to be done?
Generally our lead time is approximately 5-7 business days depending on the quantity, however if your order has a hot deadline we will do our absolute best to meet your deadline. We take pride in our quality, reliability, and speed and encourage you to compare us with our competitors because we know you will like what we do!
3 3. I only need one custom display. Will you create it for me?
Unfortunately no, however our minimum for customizing displays is 50 pieces unlike many other acrylic manufacturers that require 500 units minimum. We hope you understand as we cannot achieve manufacturing efficiencies producing small orders of, for example, 1, 5 or 25 displays.
4 4. How will my custom units be packed?
Most custom units are quoted as “bulk” packed but special packaging is available and can be quoted with a custom run price quote. "Bulk packed" does not mean we dump as many products as we can into a big box. Instead, we individually poly bag each product to protect them from scratches and pack them into a UPS Shippable box using newspaper, bubble and cardboard to ensure the displays make it safely to their destination. Our experience in packing acrylic displays has made us very efficient and knowledgable, giving our customers the peace of mind they can expect.


Wetop offers a 1-Year Warranty on ALL acrylic products. Free replacement within warranty period if any quality-related issues.

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